Még nem tudni mennyit kell várni a következő Goubáig

I want to sell

Dear Exhibitors and Sellers,

By decision of the organizers, at least two – possibly – consecutive occasions (Sundays) shall be rented for smoother management.

Of course, your applications are welcome for later dates as well!

the place and the table

Each stand shall be located 1.75 m long and 1.70 m deep/wide in front of the house or passage walls or the place designated by the organizers, so participants may stay at a maximum of 3 square meters.

One (1) 135 x 90 cm-sized table is provided per stand.

The chair/chairs shall be provided by sellers for themselves!

Note that we cannot guarantee a specific location based on numbers due to the nature of the event, but we strive to please everyone as much as possible!

If you would like to bring or use any other devices/supplies (console, own table, etc.), you need to have it approved by the organizers – by noon on Thursday of the particular week at the latest. In the absence of consultation, seller shall not be allowed to use the specified devices in the bazaar.

how to apply

Once contacted, we would like to see some photos (or perhaps a webpage/Facebook page, blog, etc.) of the applicant's works that they would like to display at the fair! If the organizing team approves it, we shall send the application form and the seller's contract so that we can activate the application of those who would really like to come. The process is of course faster for those whose works are already known to us.

1.       The completed contract as well as the application form should be sent by fax (Fax No.: +36/1-462 0478) or scanned and sent by e-mail.

 If it is not possible, please phone (+36 (1) 462 0478 or +36 (30) 867 2132) or send an e-mail (gozsdumarket@gmail.com) and indicate your intention to participate!

2.   We would like to receive the originals of the following signed, sealed and legibly completed documents:

2 contracts (completed, signed)

1 application form (completed, signed)

1 fire protection annex (signed and – if available – provided with the legible name of the company)

You should keep and read a copy of the fire protection annex at your own risk!

The completed documents should be submitted by post or in person to the following address: GOUBA Kft. 1075 Budapest, Síp u. 12. (If you choose to submit the documents in person, please, look for the "Aviv Travel" sign on the street on the specified address, since we share an office!

3.      The participation fee shall be transferred or paid in cash at our office at Síp street for the number of occasions under the contract – usually in twos –, since the application only becomes fully effective this way! We cannot help it if you have already applied earlier but you are late with the payment and thus you are preceded by others. Of course, the order of receipt is significant in case of applications for later dates as well!

4.      Note! If we do not receive the fee by bank transfer or in cash by noon of the Friday prior to the specified Sunday, the applicant cannot participate in the Bazaar as a seller! It is not the launch of transfer but the receipt of fee that needs to be concluded within the time limit specified above! Payment on site is strictly FORBIDDEN!

5.      Please, if you are launching a transfer and your dates have not been verified by e-mail or phone, in order to avoid a possible misunderstanding, write us a short e-mail about when you would like to come!

participation fee

Good news: the participation fee remains unchanged this season as well!

Thus the amount is as follows:

HUF 9,055 + HUF 2,445 VAT = HUF 11,500 /1 occasion

Two occasions in total: 2 x HUF 9,055 + HUF 4,890 VAT = HUF 23,000

unpacking and numbering of stands

On Sunday mornings unpacking may start at approximately 8 a.m. – the tables are prepared by then. The whole site is numbered at this time. You need to ask at the specific day about the number of your place of business – by calling the well-known mobile number, or asking the coordinator on the ground!

Note that all sellers shall be open by 10 a.m.! Please, do not be late – I think it is in our common interest! Packing up shall start at the end of the fair, i.e. 19 p.m.


The parking house of "EZ Parkoló Kft." (Holló Street 6.) – 238 parking lots – will host the sellers and participants. From this parking house, you can arrive directly to the site, you can transport the packages up and down the different floors by means of an elevator. Our participants are granted 1-1 hour in the morning and in the afternoon for packing in and out! You only need to show the signed seller's contract or invoice to the worker of the parking house.

If you would like to stay there all day (approx. 12 hours), the reduced daily fee shall be, instead of 12 x HUF 440 = HUF 5,280, HUF 3,300/day/car. Note that the reduction applies only if you buy the tickets already in the morning, upon parking.

our website – photos, links, logos

Participants of the specific Sunday bazaar – all of our exhibitors and sellers – shall be posted on our website. In order to achieve it, you are asked to send a weblink and/or some (1-7) photos you like, as well as your logo if available that you would like to upload about your works and products! (If you have an English name and a short description, please, send them too!)

Exhibitors with a website who have been present at Gouba at least twice are also kindly asked to send some photos of their works to be displayed at our website. The exact "titles" as well as the genre should also be defined, e.g.


Sára Kovács


fused glass jewelry


GOUBA coupons ("Coupon booklet")

In order to promote the bazaar, GOUBA coupon booklets are often handed out at busy tourist points. This booklet is in English and it basically means that people who have it at the bazaar receive a 10% discount from the price of the product. These booklets usually have 4 pages – if someone buys something, one page/coupon may be used at a time at the same seller. In this case the page used shall be torn off and put or thrown away. Our sellers are usually glad to take part in this special offer. Nevertheless, there is no problem if you decide not to participate, you are only asked to indicate it to us! Thank you!


Cancellations are accepted by noon on Friday preceding the specified Sunday!

If you indicate your intention to cancel within this deadline, you can choose another date for your paid occasion without any loss. The date may be modified no more than twice. If an exhibitor cancels the fair for the third time or does not attend the fair without cancelling, the paid participation fee is lost.

If seller indicates the intention to cancel after the above deadline (on Friday), half of the amount included in the contract shall not be returned and shall not be calculated in the fee of another occasion.

If seller cancels the participation on the day of the specific fair, the total amount shall be forfeited.

exhibition, lecture, workshop

Your inquiry is also welcome if you do not want to sell or exhibit but rather create your product on the site. You are also welcome if you would like to perform something, have a fashion show organized or would like to hold a short "course" on how to prepare a specific product!

These are all possible at GOUBA!

practical advice

Please, dress warmly and bring some warm clothes because the courtyards and passages are quite cold and draughty – often even on warm summer days!

Bring chairs!