Még nem tudni mennyit kell várni a következő Goubáig

What is GOUBA?

Generally known as the Gozsdu Bazaar, i.e. a PLEASURE MARKET in the heart of the city centre!

GOUBA is a regularly scheduled program in Budapest inviting both tourists and locals for a refreshing walk in the heart of the city. GOUBA entertains particular and open-minded visitors with unique works by representative artists and craftsmen, designers and antquarians, as well as valuable works of art and antiques. Your eyes may be drawn to an extravagant piece of clothing, a secessionist sculpture, grandma's copper jagging-iron, a newly painted portrait or a sky blue fairy felt hat!
An even more unique ambience is created by the young musicians who play well-known and new jazz compositions to the delight of the audience. Some people go with the rhythm, some are preoccupied with looking around and nibbling on some delicious chimney cakes or watch the colourful hustle and bustle from the terrace of a café.  
For visiting families, unique gastronomy experience and colorful children programmes are also offered for visitors. A permament program is provided for children by Gipszkorszak (Plaster Age) Playhouse, where they can experience the joy and success of creation.
GOUBA is just like other art markets in several cities in the world – such as the Portobello Market in London, Via Margutta in Rome, Shuk HaCarmel and Shenkin Street in Israel. A unique market with cheerful street theater and music productions, with family programs.
When? In 2013 from spring to autumn (from late March to mid-October) every Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.


Gozsdu courtyard

between 1061 Budapest, Király u. 13. and Dob u. 16.