Még nem tudni mennyit kell várni a következő Goubáig



What’s good about Sundays? Relaxing, walking, meaningful recreation, entertainment, discoveries. The whole family is together, both young and old, and we have time for friends too. We can have a chat outdoors, away from the street noise, but still in the city center.

The “Portobello of Budapest”, with delightful background music, will entertain particular and open-minded visitors with unique works by representative artists and craftsmen, valuable works of art and antiques.

Antique dealers, publishers, antiquarians, designers, craftsmen and industrial artists – all take part in the market. The Sunday atmosphere of passages offers an exciting and meaningful recreation for visitors at the Gozsdu courtyard. Don’t miss it!

The open spaces and passages of the six courtyards are even more exciting on Sundays thanks to the special works of more than 50 industrial artists, craftsmen, designers and antiquarians. Every step in the area will lead guests to a whole new experience. Some may specifically look for a cute gift, jewelry, scarf or bag, while others come for the sake of the atmosphere – since 'doing gouba' is good! Gouba offers a truly unique experience for both young and old!
The colorful montage and sweet-spicy scents of the PLEASURE MARKET are even more unique thanks to the lovely jazz music of young musicians. In addition to domestic visitors, foreign tourists are also curious about the true atmosphere of GOUBA, news of it spread by word of mouth, since it is definitely a must-visit program!

From spring to autumn every Sunday in 2013 as well!

Opening hours: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Gozsdu courtyard

between 1061 Budapest, Király u. 13. and Dob u. 16.

Everybody is welcome!



Pictures from the Market:



A Nyitott Műterem's gift to Gouba

Made by friends of GOUBA:

Gozsdu Udvari Sale (2010)


Masters of the Universe


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